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Creating a positive future

Our Fair Play ethos extends throughout the whole business. We view every decision we make through a lens of what is ethical and the right thing to do. We  take our role within our community seriously and do all we can to help limit the effect we have on the world and improve the position of those living around us.

What we do with money matters

We're making smart, ethical decisions now, that will help shape all our futures. Living in the moment can be wonderful, but we're in it for the long haul.

We hold our money in Impact Investing

Impact Investing, in short, means that we are investing our advertisement revenue into organisations that have a genuine intention to generate a tangible, beneficial social or environmental impact.

A few of the business we invest in


Bluefield invests in solar energy across the UK, which contributes directly towards the decarbonisation of electricity generation.


Vodacom provides business services to customers in over 40 African countries, creating

socio-economic benefits for local populations in developing countries.


Abiomed develops and manufactures the world’s smallest heart pump, which is used to treat coronary heart disease and heart attacks.

Helping people save as much money as possible

We have our own Charity arm called Top Charity. Under Top Charity we have partnered with The Money charity to help meet our cause of saving people as much Money as possible. We believe everyone should have access to good financial education so they can maximise their own financial wellbeing.


So many problems we face in life can at least in part be rooted in having good money management and financial wellbeing. The Money charity help tackle this by providing financial wellbeing lessons to children, students, vulnerable adults and communities groups.

We also help our members make direct charity donations with their cashback

Alongside our fundraising efforts and our TopCharity function, TopCashback members can donate to a charity. We currently feature over 450 charities on the UK site for members to choose from and donate to.


Since our beginning in 2005, our members have donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to charities using the option to donate when requesting their cashback.


Some of the companies we have chosen to sponsor as a team include:

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