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TopCashback Gender pay gap

This is the first time TopCashback has reported on its Gender Pay Gap. From this review, we recognise that our results are not where we would like them to be.  Because we have always held a belief in fairplay, fairness within our organisation has always been a priority to us. For example, in the last few years alone we have:

Similarly, we have a process baked into our annual pay review to ensure there is gender-parity in pay across similar roles within our organisation.

In regards to our Gender Pay Gap, we understand the drivers of it and  are working hard to address it. The business has a large percentage of male colleagues in Tech, as well as lower representation of female colleagues at the most senior levels at the time of reporting. We also have a historic share option that was open to all employees around 10 years ago that skews our overall figures.  In this sense, our gender pay gap is not a result of unequal pay, but of the gender imbalance in the industry a large proposition of our staff are based in.

Accountant at Work

What are we reporting on

  • Based on a binary understanding of Gender: Male, Female

  • We appreciate we have colleagues who do not fit into this binary categorisation of gender including those who are non-binary or genderfluid and they are not captured in this reporting

  • Sharing gender identity is voluntary in TopCashback

  • TopCashback UK based heads

  • Comparing wages during the snapshot period of: 5th April 2022

Working Together on Project

The TopCashback community

In TopCashback we had a total number of colleagues of 266  as of 5th April 2022 working for TopCashback in our UK based offices. Our reporting is based on 255.

Our gender split during this period was 133 Males vs 122 Females.

The shape of TopCashback

We have a higher proportion of males in TopCashback than we do females. Compounding this, is the fact we work in a digital technology based business were a third of our total heads are from within the Tech industry which is made up of just 20% women. We fall slightly below this with 14% women in our tech team at the time of reporting. Last year we introduced a new inclusive recruitment policy to ensure we were attracting women to our team and will shortly be engaging with more inclusive and diverse recruitment platforms to specifically target women.

Our a senior leadership team made up of 10 males, who have all been in position for at least five years with most being in post for more than 10 years, and one female. On the next step down of senior leaders, a majority of our roles (excluding tech) are filled by women. We are working on programmes to ensure our female employees voices are heard at this level.


Historic Share Option

Around 10 years ago the company ran a share option scheme that all employees were enrolled into. In 2019 the owners took the decision to start paying out on that share option scheme as they had no intention of selling or floating the company.


The decision was taken on the grounds that it was only fair to do so as the employees who had opted in and stayed with the company were unlikely to ever receive a benefit of the scheme. The scheme was voluntary and open to all.

The make-up of those who opted into the scheme and remain employed at TopCashback is:  15 Males 3 Females.

Our Plan to address this going forward:


  • Continue to support and refine our new inclusive recruitment process

  • Engage diverse / inclusive focused recruitment platforms that help us get our roles in front of females in the tech industry

  • Ensure our tech recruitment partners must be inclusive

  • A Gender lens on all future Board appointments

  • Continue paying attention to all our colleagues experiences of our workplace and continue to raise awareness of those who may face extra barriers due to gender, race, religion, ability level etc..

  • Continuing to run to our TopTalk programme to learn about others experiences of life

  • Exploring further inclusivity training for all colleagues


  • Offer female external leadership training to women in the business

  • Offer mentoring programme

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